Wednesday Night, Game Night

Wednesday Night, Game Night

Feel like playing a game on Wednesday night? Want to play a board game or miniature game or just a casual play of your favorite card game? Want to find a group to start that mega fun adventure you just wrote for a group of fearless adventurers?

Then be sure to come to the weekly game night from Gamers' Guild (previously known as Thunderbolts) where we play all kinds of games (board games, miniature games, wargames, role play, card games) and everyone is welcome to join at one of the tables.
Want to organise a game and are you still looking for players, post it here. Want to join a table, check here what is available for that night.
It's free to attend a game night and it's the opportunity to get to know new people who have the same hobby.

We also work with games responsibles or "spelverantwoordelijken" who can give you more information about certain games or aspects of games and who are also always willing to give new players or interested persons a demo from the game they promote. They also organise events around these games at the locations where we play. The list of those people is:

Board Games --> Zoë Cleeren
Infinity --> Dani DM
Guildball --> Ro Bin
Warhammer 40K --> Stephan Heirbaut
X-Wing --> Sebastian Van Uytfange
Star Trek Attack WIng --> Peter Claes
Netrunner Cardgame --> Wim Dammans
Malifaux --> Isabelle Dhoine
Warmachine/Hordes --> Phil Van Den M
Role Playing Games --> Solène Van Hoeydonck

Even if this event is listed at Worlds' End Comics & Games, some of our members also play at Outpost Gent on Wednesday and if this is the case it will be specified in the posts here.